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Easter desserts

Easter desserts

Holy Week is synonymous with sharing and taking advantage of every moment of the good and appetizing binge eating with friends and family, and even more so those delicious and incredible sweets that our gastronomy can offer us, for example: Los Buñuelo sy las Torrijas are almost more protagonists than the festivity itself.

And although it is true that this feast is thanks to religion, little by little this feeling is fading in many places, because as soon as these dates are approaching only talk about food.

And apart from the typical succulent dishes based on fish, tasty and juicy meats offered by our country, the typical sweets decorate the tables of any of the homes.

Easter dessert recipes:


Cut the bread into slices no thicker than 2 cm.

In a separate bowl pour the warm milk and add the sugar and cinnamon to taste, rather than sweet. Stir until sugar and cinnamon are completely dissolved. In another bowl, beat the eggs.

You can also heat milk with brown sugar, white sugar and cinnamon sticks or the rind of a lemon or orange.

Then put a frying pan with oil to heat.

Drink or soak the slices of bread in the milk, beat the eggs, pass them through the egg and pour them into the pan to fry. Turn them upside down to brown them on the other side, and finally put them in a bowl and sprinkle cinnamon on top or use some of the options below.


Beat the eggs with the sugar and the grated zest until they are well sparkling.

We add the milk, and slowly we begin to incorporate the flour. There must be a sustained preparation, not liquid. We take a dessert spoon, pass it through the fat or oil and then we remove portions of dough that we put in the oil or fat very hot.

Cook until golden brown and turn over. You don’t have to cook many at once to be able to turn them over and cook them evenly. Remove and place them on absorbent paper. Grape raisins or pieces of quince jelly can be added to the fritters.

Come to Aranjuez Steak House to try our incredible desserts this Easter, you will love them.   You can find us at 19 Captain’s Street, The Hague. We’re waiting for you!

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