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Some beverages from Venezuela

Some beverages from Venezuela


Beverages are something very important in our lives, because they help us to take our daily life in a better way.

If it’s too hot, you take something refreshing to quench your thirst, if it’s too cold, you can drink something hot to combat that tormenting climate.

Since there are countless ways to cook around the world, and taking into account that in each of these kitchens there are several interesting drinks is that we bring you this article. Today we want to tell you a little bit about Venezuelan drinks and how they can cool or warm you up.

Hot beverage

The cold in Venezuela is fought with a good hot drink, chocolate. It is probably the drink preferred by Venezuelans when it rains or when the weather is cold. This drink is not only prepared for the days when you need warmth, but also on normal days is prepared, as it is a drink that attracts both adults and children.

Some cold in Venezuela’s beverages


One of the main drinks to quench the thirst of Venezuelans are the milkshakes, usually prepared with fruits such as mango or papaya. A smoothie is very easy to prepare, you add water and fruit in the blender and press the start button, so you have your smoothie. A refreshing and very nutritious drink to refresh you on hot days.


As in the vast majority of Andean countries in Venezuela, chicha is usually prepared. It is a fermented beverage is very popular in Venezuela, in this country is prepared with boiled rice milk and sugar. When you are visiting Venezuela you can find this drink in many cities being sold by some street vendors.


This drink is a spectacular coconut-based shake mix. It is usually prepared with chopped coconut, milk, sugar, ice and can be added if you want condensed milk and cinnamon.

Just like a smoothie, you put everything in the blender and press the start button. The ideal drink to spend a day at the beach. It is believed that cocada was born in the western part of Venezuela since there is a large production of coconuts here.

Finally, here are some of Venezuela’s drinks that will help you fight the cold or heat no matter where you are.

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