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Some of Venezuela’s Best Meat Recipes

Some of Venezuela’s Best Meat Recipes


No matter how hard vegetarians and vegans try to keep us away from meat, it’s impossible to leave it.

Meat is one of the main sources of food for us humans, but it not only feeds us but is also very delicious, which is why leaving it many times seems impossible.

That’s why if you like meat and besides this you’re a fan of Venezuelan food today in this article we bring you some of the best Venezuelan meat recipes that will leave you asking for much more.

The different Venezuelan meat preparations you can make

The black roast

We begin this list with one of the most famous dishes of Venezuela, and also one of the most requested, prepared and consumed in the capital of this country, being one of the most striking dishes that has to offer this gastronomy.

To make the black roast requires a meat cut called boy. You should dress this meat with macerated garlic, salt and pepper. Then leave it in a container with red wine for at least 24 hours.

After that time you prepare a frying pan with oil and add sugar, wait for it to turn a little black and then add the cut of the seasoned boy. Wait until the meat is ready to serve and there you have a very good meat dish.

Queen meatballs

The next recipe is meatballs to the queen. To make them it is necessary to have the ground meat, this is combined with chopped onion, garlic, bread crumbs, parsley and egg.

When it is well mixed the meat with the ingredients makes small balls.

In a separate container you should mix cream of mushrooms with a little water until you get a soft consistency, you can also add chopped paprika for a more intense taste.

A quarter of a can of mushroom cream is put in the meat and then the meatballs are put to fry.

When they are ready add the mushroom cream that you mixed with water and paprika, cover the pan carefully and let it simmer for at least thirty minutes.

And there you have it, a few recipes of Venezuelan meat to surprise your guests at the parties.


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