A special recipe, Steak tartar, do you know his story? | Steak House Aranjuez
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A special recipe, Steak tartar, do you know his story?

A special recipe, Steak tartar, do you know his story?



The steak tartar is an exquisite dish of raw minced meat and later macerated. In short, a dish to enjoy the texture and flavours of meat. There are several theories about its origin and we tell you the two most important ones below:

The first affirms that it began as a way to feed on the hard Asian steppes, as it was very difficult to cook meat due to the low temperatures. The Tartar riders, belonging to a Mongolian tribe, put meat under the saddle of their horse to soften and consume it, as it was absolutely frozen. However, this theory could be a lie, since some people claim that the sweating of the animal would spoil the meat, making it inedible.

The second theory states that steak tartar is a recipe from French Polynesia, where eating raw meat was normal. The dish began to be marketed in French hotel restaurants at the beginning of the 20th century and became popular in the 1950s.

In addition, this dish grows in importance by his numerous literary allusions, an example can be the great writer Alejandro Dumas, who mentions it in his work “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Another great example can be the great writer, world-renowned, Jules Verne, who speaks of the steak tartar in “Miguel Strogoff, the Tsar’s post office”. It’s probably no coincidence that steak tartar is one of the specialties of Jules Verne’s restaurant, located in the Eiffel Tower.

In short, we are talking about a dish with character, a special dish with a great impact on both gastronomy and literature, as the examples show.

In the following link you will be able to see an example of how we prepare the dish in our restaurant Steak House Aranjuez, and if you like you can visit Capitan Haya 19 in Madrid.

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