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The best dishes of Venezuelan food

The best dishes of Venezuelan food


No matter what part of the world you’re from, there’s always something that unites us and that something is food.

Every culture around the world consumes food, obviously there are variations and different types of things that can or cannot be eaten depending on the culture; for example, in India you don’t eat cows.

This means that in each country a different gastronomy is generated from that place.

This can depend on the agricultural products of the place, the best animals that provide them with meat and also on the culture. That is why today in this article we want to tell you about some dishes of Venezuelan food.

On the delicious Venezuelan food

Something that characterizes Venezuelan food is its tropical and Andean roots, as well as having a strong influence of Europe in some of its dishes. The most common foods found in Venezuelan cuisine are: coconut, bananas, seafood and also corn.

If we are going to talk about the gastronomy that Venezuela brings, the best thing we can do is start with the Tequeños. This dish is one that is undoubtedly indispensable in Venezuelan festivals, besides being very easy to prepare.

The preparation of the Tequeños only requires white cheese and cover it with dough, then put them to fry and are ready for you to enjoy.

Another of the dishes that the gastronomy of Venezuela has are the so-called Venezuelan Hallacas. It is one of the traditional dishes of Venezuela, and also one that accompanies the decembrinas celebrations of this country.

The main thing for the preparation of the Halla is to make the dough with corn flour, then it is filled with stew, this can take meat, chicken, olives, capers and almonds.

What makes this dish unique is that every family in Venezuela has a different way of preparing it.

The last dish on this short tour of Venezuelan gastronomy is the Asado Negro. This dish is one of the most consumed in the capital of Venezuela.

To prepare the Black Roast it is necessary to have a meat cut called “chico”, marinate it with crushed garlic, salt, pepper and let it rest in red wine for at least one day.

Heat oil and add paperboard. When dark, seal meat in this mixture.

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