The most representative dishes of Venezuelan gastronomy | Steak House Aranjuez
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The most representative dishes of Venezuelan gastronomy

The most representative dishes of Venezuelan gastronomy

It is just as varied the Venezuelan gastronomy as its people, you can find hundreds of surprises, going from good things to better and that is why, in this article we will group a list of the best snacks that you can take to your mouth to satisfy your appetite:

The Arepa

It is the mythical bread of the Venezuelans and indisputable. It is made with corn flour and can be either fried or grilled to even baked. They usually eat alone, but there are plenty of people who prefer to stuff it with any ingredient, as if it were a sandwich.

The hallaca

It’s the most typical thing you can find on Venezuelan tables at Christmas time. Easy to prepare thanks to flour dough and filling with a very fine and delicious stew made with capers, chicken, olives and almonds. All this is covered with large banana leaves and tied tightly together creating a sort of sachet. To keep them, they are kept in the fridge and eaten every day of Christmas.

The pavilion

National dish indisputably with a magnificent meatloaf, rice and black caramels. A companion and you can never miss the fried banana around the plate.

We know the secrets of Venezuelan food by our origins, and thanks to our experience we know the Galician food better than most restaurants. Come and enjoy the best dishes on Captain Haya Street.

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