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The Secrets of Steak Tartar

The Secrets of Steak Tartar

The Steak Tartar is one of the most popular dishes, and has reached a very high level of popularity. Currently we can find it in most of the menus that offer a high standard menu.

We cannot deny that although at first glance it may seem a very simple or very basic dish, it has a high amount of secrets that cannot go unnoticed.

Before entering into matter regarding the secrets of the Steak Tartar, it is important to know what it is about. This dish is based on the preparation of any type of meat, in which case it is sought to be very thin or cut into pieces. It is seasoned and also added other side dishes such as egg yolk.

Aspects such as these keep secrets with respect to its elaboration among other details that make something that seems simple, have much more background.

The Secrets of Steak Tartar

It has many secrets of success, but among those that stand out the most are found:

  • Its flavor: it can be said from the experts’ opinion that this is a fresh dish, it has different nuances provided by a multiplicity of combinations.
  • Quality of the products: in order to really make it a worthwhile dish, it is necessary to use high quality raw materials to create a dish of excellence.
  • Innovation: it is important to highlight another of the secrets of Steak Tartar, which is based on the ingenuity of each person, that is to say the personal touch. This is because those who prepare it can play with flavors and blends.
  • Make a good cut: remember that it is about cutting the meat in a very special way so that it is very thin, for it requires a special technique, so that the dish is perfect.
  • Little time: it is necessary that we can make this dish with little time in advance, since the idea is that it is a fresh dish and with a soft texture, if it takes too much time, perhaps it loses consistency and freshness not only to the sight but at the moment of tasting it.

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