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Which are the best Saddles

Which are the best Saddles

There are many times when we hesitate, when we prepare our recipes, with what type of side dishes we will accompany our main dish to perfection, and as here at Aranjuez Steak House we are specialists in meat, we will give you some examples or ideas of what the best combinations could be.

Sometimes, whether it is in a dish that we have done casually or served in a restaurant, it can lead us to think of 2 different situations:

The first, where the garrison that we have been placed to accompany the meat takes the leading role. This should never happen.

The second one, that they have not put any kind of garrison on us or if they have, it is very scarce.

In both situations it gives a little bit of hesitation to think about going back to that restaurant without a doubt, so today we tell you how we have managed to perfectly combine our meats, take note for your next dishes:

The potatoes

Yes, the potatoes undoubtedly accompany perfectly with any kind of meat; fried, roasted or even mashed. Always in their right measure, they can never steal the protagonism of the flesh.

Tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese

As you can hear, they were really impressive both visually and in the mouth. It accompanies perfectly to the meat, the contrast that acquire the mixture of both is a delicacy in all rule.

Brussels sprouts

Smearing them with a little butter once they are lightly fried, it is a fantastic accompaniment to good quality meat, achieving two things at the same time, which is a balanced and simple dish.

With these three little tricks you will be able to accompany your meats correctly, but if you prefer to enjoy a good dish made at the moment and with a first class side dish, we encourage you to visit us at our restaurant in Capitan Haya 19.

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